The Real Culprit in Weight Gain?

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I have tried upward of 30 “diet” plans throughout the course of my life.  Granted, I’m forty and have been obese since I was six years old, YES six years old!  I was obese in the early 80’s when childhood obesity was just starting to rise.  I was being raised by a single mother who was also overweight and had no idea how to help herself or me lose weight.  We have so much more information now about obesity and weight loss and the “undiet” just keeps getting better!

Some say it’s because of overeating or lack of willpower. Others say it’s because of the lack of physical activity. Or maybe because of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Or sugar. Or could it be those dastardly artificial sweeteners.  Whatever it is, we are all getting heavier. We know that of course. We see it in our mirrors and changing clothes sizes. Se we diet.

What we need to realize is that dieting causes weight gain. Dieting is the real culprit.  Dieting causes weight gain? Yup.  Think about it…overtime you dieted you lost weight. Right? But for how long? Didn’t you gain it all back? Then added a few extra pounds? Right again?

Maybe the next time you want to try to lose weight, shouldn’t you try an UnDiet?

Maybe you ought to look into the #CoreUnDiet.


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