Pantene Makes Hannah’s Curls Shine! #PanteneProtect

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Pantene Makes Hannah's Curls Shine! #PanteneProtect

I have been asked so many times about what we use in Hannah’s hair. We really do nothing special with her hair. She has naturally curly, highlighted hair. Honestly, if I knew how to make my hair do what hers does; I would be doing it LOL People ask me, on regular basis, if I curl her hair or if I highlight it. The answer is always the same: no. Hannah is nine years old now and I have tried so many products on her hair over the years, but now we are settled on a couple that we really like and at the top of our very short list is Pantene Ice Shine conditioner. We’re not real picky about shampoo, but Pantene Ice Shine conditioner is always a must. The only reason it isn’t the only conditioner on our list is because it can be a little hard to find sometimes.

Pantene Makes Hannah's Curls Shine! #PanteneProtect

Hannah is now at an age where she prefers to do her own hair and styling. Hannah’s personal style is to just let her curls go and I absolutely LOVE it! She hasn’t always loved her curls, but over the years, she has grown to love them and the attention she gets from them.

Pantene Makes Hannah's Curls Shine! #PanteneProtect

The prices on all products do vary by store, and Pantene Ice Shine is no different.  You can see it is on clearance at our local Walmart, which really makes me happy!  This week, I was able to stock up on conditioner for Hannah.  Pantene Ice Shine is often on the bottom shelf, so you may have to look closely for it.

Pantene Makes Hannah's Curls Shine! #PanteneProtect

This is Hannah’s daily routine.  She takes a bath, towel dries her hair, adds Pantene Ice Shine conditioner, then brushes it through.  VOILA!  That’s it, then she allows it to air dry.  When it’s cold outside, I will dry it with the hair dryer and diffuser, but that is rare.  She usually does all of this herself.  Sometimes, because her hair has gotten very long, she needs me to brush the back for her, but other than that, it is very low-maintenance.  Be sure to pick up your favorite Pantene shampoo and conditioner the next time you’re at Walmart.  They have so many varieties, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your hair type!

14 Replies to “Pantene Makes Hannah’s Curls Shine! #PanteneProtect”

  1. Before I started getting keratin treatments, I always used Pantene and loved it. Now I have to use special (much more expensive) shampoo.

  2. I love Pantene, but haven’t seen the shine product. I will have to check these out for my curls!

  3. I’ve always liked Pantene, but have never seen the shine products before. Your little girl’s hair is beautiful! Love those curls!

  4. Pantene is a staple in the household. I really like how it worked for your daughter’s hair! It looks really healthy.

  5. Hannah’s hair is super pretty. It’s great to hear that she loves her curls. As a curly girl myself, I would like to try these products, too. Pantene has always given me good results, and I have tried lots of their product lines in my lifetime.

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