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HERE WE ARE!!! Our very first product review of 2014 and it could NOT have been any more fun! We have so much fun taking pictures and this OnePiece was the cutest and most comfy clothing Hannah has ever worn. Well, we got it in the mail a little over a week ago (only 3 days after placing our order!  SUPER FAST DELIVERY)  and she has worn it EVERY day! She wears it to sleep in, to feed the cats/dogs. She lit fireworks in it and was feeding apples to the horses this morning in her rubber boots and her OnePiece!


I’d say she likes it LOL It has held up fabulously to the daily washing and drying also. Hannah is not what I would call a “girly girl”. She has played hard. This morning I saw her with the bottom of the OnePiece around her feet; sliding through the kitchen! Oh yes, she has definitely put this to the test. I wanted her to get a pink or blue one, but she insisted on Angry Birds. Well, she made a great choice because it is ADORABLE.

onepiece collage

There are several features of the OnePiece that stand out to me, as a mom.  The first one is the ample zippers!  These were a LOT of fun for Hannah, but I saw the practicality in them.  The front of it has two zippers, which, for Hannah, aren’t that impressive; but for my son….they were AWESOME!  I noticed, very quickly, when he tried it on, how the multiple zippers on the front would allow him to have access to using the restroom in the middle of the night without unzipping the entire onesie.  By the way, he LOVES it too!  She has been sharing her onesie with him LOL.  Be sure to go check out the OnePiece site for yourself and see all the wonderful colors and other styles of clothing they have!  They even have the OnePiece for your pooch LOL  When they come out with a plus size OnePiece; I’m going to be ALL OVER IT!!!! HAHA!

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