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Living Larger is Diminished by Excess Weight

me and maddie

Is living “larger” really living larger?  I don’t think so.  I have been obese for almost my entire life and now, I can see that my oldest daughter is also gaining weight.  I was very conscious of how/what she ate for many years, but now that she is able to make her own decisions, I can see that they’re not the best.  She definitely does not overeat to the extent that I did at her age or that I do now, but she has a tendency toward being very sedentary.  I do push her to walk and exercise.  I go walking and jogging with her, but the weight is still coming on.  How do we, as parents, address this issue without coming across “preachy”?  How do I tell her to do what I haven’t been able to do?  My younger two children are very active and neither of them overeat.  How do I single one child out and tell her she is wrong?  The answer is simple, yet very complex.  I have to stay involved; every single minute of every single day!  I must be constantly vigilant and meek.  This is not an easy combination for me, as her mother.

The key to living larger, to reaping more out of life, is losing weight now. OK, that is not universally true…it’s an overstatement. Maybe.  You see, we all want more life in our years. We all want more years —good years —to our lives. But the truth is, if we are overweight, especially if we are overweight by a huge margin, we end up doing less than we want to. We end up doing things differently than we would otherwise choose. Right?  And, (and this is a BIG AND), those extra pounds are causing a lot of damage to our bodies. 80% of us will die of diseases, before our time, because of all those extra pounds.

Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and 30% of all cancers have their origins in excess weight. Before they strike us down, we will have a long and expensive decline in ability to get around and do what we really want to be doing with our lives.  Excess weight is not just a matter of cosmetics. It is a real problem that changes our lives in difficult and nefarious ways.  What we can’t do, when we decide to lose those extra pounds, what we MUST NOT DO, is diet. Dieting is the primary cause of weight gain in this country. Or, more accurately, dieting causes weight RE-GAIN.  So, why do we do it? Because we don’t know any other way. Until now.  Maybe the next time you want to try to lose weight, shouldn’t you try an UnDiet?  Maybe you ought to look into the #CoreUnDiet.

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