I Just Need Some Space!

just need some space

I just need some space! I tell my kids and husband that ALL THE TIME! I usually say, I just need some space for just 10 minutes! Can I just take a 10 minute bath by myself?! Okay, this video NAILED IT!   Deva Dalporto, the mom who did an AWESOME cover of  “The Fox” and “Let It Go,” has now produced “I Just Need Some Space.” This is a All About That Bass, which has the cutest, catchy tune and was perfect for this cover.  Because every mom needs a little breathing room . . . and a good laugh.There is not one line in this video that I can’t relate to 100%. I really JUST told my kids to get out of my space for just ONE MINUTE. Having little ones home all day every day is not something that, I think, anyone handles well. Sometimes we just need a reminder that other moms are losing it too LOL If you need some space, I think this video will help you feel a little better about your situation 😀

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