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Who, Moi?  Interview Miss Piggy?  But of course!   Yes, Moi! I got to interview Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Constantine (I can’t even say his name in my head without my fake Russian accent LOL) from the new Muppets Most Wanted. This was, by far, the most fun I have ever had doing an interview! What made it so fun was interviewing the three of them together. We were able to see how they interact unscripted and it was hilarious!

beverly hilton

The Muppets interviews were held at the very swanky Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.  The ride over there was amazing.  Beverly Hills is beautiful and full of beautiful homes.  Transportation was provided for us everywhere we went and that was amazing!  I could not imagine driving in the traffic in and around Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

I wanted to add a little snipit of our interview with Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Constantine (still in my fake Russian voice).  Trust me, once you see the movie; you’ll want a fake Russian voice too.  I listened to the audio of the interview again yesterday while I was preparing this post and just giggled the whole way through.  I tried to find just one great question from the interview, and….well….they were all so much fun!  This was no “normal” interview.  For each question, all three Muppets had an answer and the answers were hilarious!

Q : Constantine and Kermit, is it boxers or briefs?

KERMIT : Oh I’m definitely boxers myself, although I’m nothing right now.
CONSTANTINE : I just like to go free and easy.
MISS PIGGY: Do not lie to all these people. I said you can’t lie to all these people. They can, they can see the answer right now.
KERMIT : Well yes, I mean–
CONSTANTINE : I am more honest than you. I wear nothing.
KERMIT : No I do like to wear boxers. Every chance I get.
KERMIT : I look ridiculous in them

Q : Thank you. Hi Miss Piggy who’s more romantic Kermit or Constantine?

MISS PIGGY: Well that’s easy it’s [CLEARS THROAT] Kermie. He’s so much more handsome than this, this uh– toad.
CONSTANTINE : You know what she does not know difference. Yeah that– well close your eyes Pig.
KERMIT : That’s true.
CONSTANTINE : Close your eyes. Look other way. Do something, come on. Don’t be.
KERMIT : Okay watch this. Miss Piggy, Miss Pig can you hear me?
MISS PIGGY: You’re not fooling me Kermit.
CONSTANTINE : HAHAHAHA I fool you Pig. Who cares Pig. Miss Pig.
MISS PIGGY: Oh come on Constantine. You sound nothing like Kermit.
KERMIT : See she has no idea.
CONSTANTINE : [LAUGHS] It’s so easy to fool pig.
KERMIT : Yeah, yeah.
CONSTANTINE : Does that answer your question? [LAUGHS]
KERMIT : It brings up so many more questions.

Q : I got a question for Miss Piggy. You look fantastic Ms. Piggy. I wanna’ know did you lose weight?

MISS PIGGY: That was a wonderful question. Thank you so much.
Q : What’s your secret?
MISS PIGGY: My secret?
Q : For looking so great?
MISS PIGGY: Well I don’t think it’s gonna’ work for you, but it’s– well
MISS PIGGY: I just, I just woke up one morning and decided I’m not gonna’ age. It’s not for me. I’m gonna’ do something else with my life. I’m not gonna’ waste my time aging you know. I’m gonna’, I’m gonna’ have– I’m gonna’, I’m gonna’ drink some coffee. That’s what I’m gonna’ do. I’m gonna’ drink coffee. I’m not gonna’ age. I’m gonna’ have– I’m gonna’ go– I’m gonna’ go get my nails done. I’m not gonna’ age.
KERMIT : And it worked?
MISS PIGGY: You had to ask?
KERMIT : Okay I guess it worked.
CONSTANTINE : She also has good plastic surgeon. [LAUGHS] It is true. I only speak truth.
KERMIT : He is our….
MISS PIGGY: You are speaking more truth than this one over here.
CONSTANTINE : Yes this right. This is nothing to be ashame of.
MISS PIGGY: No I’m not ashamed.
KERMIT : No I just learned not to speak the whole truth. That’s all.
CONSTANTINE : That’s because it get you punch.
KERMIT : That’s because I, I don’t want to exterminate myself.

Q : You always look so fashionable Miss Piggy and I was wondering if you have a favorite designer and how was it working with Vivian Westwood–

MISS PIGGY: Well yes.
Q : On your wedding gown?
MISS PIGGY: Yes. Um right now Vivian Westwood is my favorite.  She made me some exquisite dresses.  including a certain white gown.
KERMIT : I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it.
MISS PIGGY: That I wear down a certain isle in the movie.
KERMIT : Which you uh– you– fortunately you did not get fortunately from me. You didn’t get to keep your wardrobe.
MISS PIGGY: Well I, I can call her. I can call Vivian. I’m sure shed let me borrow it again you know. [OVERLAP] No for a day.
KERMIT : I think it’s a secret. No, no, no. I– [CLEARS THROAT] That’s okay.
MISS PIGGY: Just once. That’s all it takes.
KERMIT : That’s okay. Okay.
MISS PIGGY: Anyways it was a– and so I love, I love her fashions, yes. And the dress that she made is– it’s, it’s
really quite something. It’s actually made out of recycled plastic.
KERMIT : Yeah it smells like sour milk. [LAUGHS] But it looks great, it looks great.
MISS PIGGY: Everybody.
KERMIT : It’s true, it’s true, it’s true. We’d say Piggy you
got milk? That was our big joke on set. [LAUGHS] Nope, nope.
MISS PIGGY: In the back there!

miss piggy wedding

Photo Credit: Disney

Q : I have a question for Kermit.

KERMIT : Yes ma’am.
Q : So we saw Miss Piggy’s dream sequence. Your future
together, you guys get married and you have a cute like pink
frog. Any plans to make that come true?
KERMIT : Well to the extent–
KERMIT : that Ms. Piggy–
MISS PIGGY: Oh I’m sorry that, that was for him.
KERMIT : Oh I was gonna’ say that– then you can be a mommy blogger.
AUDIENCE: Whoaaaaaa!!!!
MISS PIGGY: You are the future me.
KERMIT : Oh my goodness. I, I– hum. So many ways to take that question. Wow.

miss piggy doll
I got my Miss Piggy doll!  Oh, how I love Miss Piggy 😀

muppets and me
Me with the entire cast of Muppets Most Wanted at Disney Toon Studios before our big interviews.

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