How To Choose What You Want To Blog About

How To Choose What To Blog About

So you have decided you want to start a blog? Here are our tips on How To Choose What To Blog About, because before you ever put virtual pen to virtual paper, you really need to have a solid foundation and focus. As someone who has been blogging for several years, I know that blogging is more than just putting words onto a screen and hitting publish. To be truly successful, you really must be able to build a site around something you have not only knowledge, but passion for. Whether that is coupons and deals, or homeschooling and homemaking doesn’t matter. You simply have to know what you want to share with the world.

How To Choose What To Blog About

What are your passions? Think about what really gets you excited, or what you love to talk about and do the most. That can be homeschooling, healthy living and fitness, cooking, homemaking in general, organizing or just talking about your journey in life. You want your blog to reflect you, because a more personal blog will gain a steady following of people coming back to get to know you more.

Is there a need for more information out there about that? There are a number of blog niche’s that are highly saturated with dozens or hundreds of nearly identical blogs. While you may still wish to start a blog in a highly saturated niche, you need to focus on something unique you can bring to the table. For a deal blog that might be a specific location or store. For a homeschooling blog it may be about a specific subject, curriculum or even homeschooling for special needs. Don’t just look at the big picture, but look at the specific smaller things that you can put a fine tuned focus on for higher traffic later on.

Can you bring a new perspective to this niche? Similar to what we mentioned above, you want to know that what you are writing about won’t be drowned out by other bloggers in the same niche. Get your focus and find out if it is a new perspective that could or would get you higher ranking. Blogging is a great hobby, but it is also an excellent source of income. If you are seeking a way to make money blogging, you really want to be able to make your blog stand out enough that people will choose to read you over and over again. That means a new perspective.

Is it something that will be easy for you to talk about and share? Perhaps you really love making things with washi tape. Could you create a blog just about washi tape? Maybe, but reality is you would have to come up with hundreds of uses on a regular basis. Is this something that will be easy for you to do? Before you jump head first into building your blog, make sure it is something you can seriously devote yourself to and not struggle to create content for. You want to be genuine, and while it will be work you don’t want it to be a struggle or frustrating. Choose something you can easily talk about and share without feeling pressured.

Before you get to anything like how to set up a blog, make a post or even make money from it, you have to choose what to blog about. Take some time to write down ideas, thoughts, niche concepts and then weed through what seems to fit you, your personality and your available time the best.

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