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One of the most commonly asked questions when you are a home educator is, “How will they learn social skills?”  While many who ask have good intentions, this is by far one of the most frustrating and annoying questions posed to a homeschool parent.  We hope to dispel the question of How Do Homeschool Kids Get Socialization, and educate some non homeschooling families on how it works for most of us.


Time spent with siblings, cousins and family.  If you have multiple children socialization and learning how to get along, play well with others and share things is fairly simple.  It is built into the family unit.  While that shouldn’t be the only social aspects a child is shown, it is a great foundation.  Siblings, close cousins and family are always going to be first up for becoming friends. 

Playing with neighborhood kids.  If you live in an area that has neighbors with kids, it is pretty easy to understand the concept of making friends with the neighbors kids.  While other kids may be in a traditional school during daytime hours, there are always evenings, weekends and school breaks to build friendships.

Church groups.  For those who attend church, there are a multitude of ways to socialize on a weekly basis.  Not only will these groups form friendships with kids and families of similar values and core beliefs, the classes attended, group setting and events held will also help your child understand more about structure, order and respect for others (example: learning to be quiet and respectful while others are speaking/teaching/leading). 

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Homeschool Co-op Groups.  Most communities will have some group or another that will allow you to participate in either routine field trips, meet ups, play dates or even educational co-ops.  These are great places for your kids to meet other homeschooled children, build friendships and learn new things.

Sports Teams.  Upward programs have become popular everywhere.  They bring a great sports team to your area for kids who aren’t eligible or might not be able to get into public school sports programs.  Basketball, soccer, football and even cheerleading are common with Upward as well as local Boys & Girls Clubs.  School affiliation is not required for these programs.   Recreational sports are usually a great option for children who are elementary age. Louisiana allows homeschool children to participate in school athletics once they are high school age.

Art, Dance or Music Classes.  If your child has exhibited an aptitude for art, dance, music or even gymnastics these are great places to develop social skills, learn good work ethic and make lifelong friends.

As you can see, it is very easy for homeschool kids to get socialization.  As long as parents are dedicated to making it happen, there is no lack of availability for a homeschool child to make great friends in their community.  They have a multitude of places to learn how to play well with others, learn how to behave in a classroom or simply find friends they have things in common with.


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