I am so excited to announce that ShaveMOB has an amazing offer for the holidays.  They are introducing a ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffer Kit.  I have been using ShaveMOB razors for about a year now and absolutely LOVE them.  One of my favorite features is the handle.  When your hands are slippery and soapy in the bathtub, the last thing you want is a skinny razor handle that slips around and causes nicks and cuts.   Of course, the super affordable price of ShaveMOB razors and the fact that they are delivered every month without fail are also amazing perks!  You can order yours HERE!

  • 1 handle (mens or womens)
  • 2 month supply of men or womens razor blades (customers choose if they want 3,4,or 6 blades).
  • 1 mustache monocle

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