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*My family was given this travel opportunity in exchange for our honest feedback.  As always, opinions are 100% my own and we only recommend places we feel are a great fit.*

I have been so anxious to share Cyclone Anaya’s with you all! Our family was given the amazing opportunity to dine at Cyclone Anaya’s in CityCentre Houston over the 4th of July holiday. I can, without reservation and with 100% certainty say, this is the best Mexican restaurant I have ever experienced. From the moment we stepped in the front door; we were greeted with a beautiful atmosphere and friendly staff.  I love Mexican food and have been to a ton of Mexican restaurants; it was not going to be easy to impress me, but they did!  The authenticity of their decor and staff spilled over into their food.  This was real, true Mexican cuisine and it was prepared perfectly!

They started us off with 5 of their amazing appetizers.  Although I don’t eat fish; the seafood ceviche took center stage at our table.  My kids made it just a memory in a flash LOL  The plantains were perfectly prepared and the perfect addition to the ceviche.  I did munch on a few myself.  The chicken nachos were amazing and the favorite of my husband.  My favorite, however, was the chile con queso.  I know what you’re thinking; queso is queso, but it’s not!  This queso had an authentic flavor that I have never tasted.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I was not eager to share!  Another staple at all Mexican restaurants is their salsa.  I am very particular about salsa because many restaurants just get it all wrong.  Cyclone Anaya’s got it perfect!  From the presentation of the food to the flavors; our appetizers were a great introduction to our meal.

apetizer Collage

I could not write this without talking about our server, Jennifer.  I am a firm believer that service can make or break a business; any business.  Jennifer definitely made our visit to Cyclone Anaya’s AMAZING!  Her energy and knowledge of each dish was perfect!  She kept such a bright smile and beautiful disposition throughout our meal.  We all just fell in love with her 😀

cyclone anaya's server

Next our entrees arrived…oh yes, our entrees!  I had the Fajitas y Camarones, which was A combination of beef or chicken fajitas and four Camarones A La Parrilla served with shredded cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro rice and refried black beans.  The Camarones A La Parrilla are jumbo chargrilled shrimp stuffed with jalapeño and Mexican cheese wrapped in applewood smoked bacon.  Oh yes, it was heavenly!  Everyone LOVED their entree.  My daughter, who ordered fish tacos, absolutely loved them.  She loves fish tacos, but it is really hard to find great fish tacos.  These fish tacos were great!

entrees Collage

This is our 9 year old son, Isaiah.  After finishing his appetizer; he proclaimed “Mom, this is EXACTLY what heaven is going to be like!”  Yes, it really was that good 😀


…then we had dessert…..OH….MY…GOODNESS!!!!  They brought out the big guns!  We had a slice of  tres leches, cheesecake, and chocolate coco cake!  I’m telling you; these pictures do not do it justice.  I don’t think any pictures would do it justice though; this is something you really just have to taste to understand how amazing each of these desserts were.  I have had tres leches cakes before, but many times they are very soggy.  There is a huge difference between soggy and moist.  This tres leches was very moist, but not soggy at all.  It had such a light and creamy texture.  We were all in love.  The cheese cake was also amazing.  Now, let me get to the chocolate coco cake.  Thank God my husband doesn’t like coconut because I did not want to miss a piece of this cake.  It was a very dark chocolate, which I usually do not like, but it was not bitter at all.  Again, much like the tres leches, it was very light and moist.  They were all pure dessert perfection!   This meal was, by far, the best Mexican dining experience EVER!  Please, if you’re ever in the Houston area, do yourself a favor and stop by 😀

dessert sampler

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