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Craft or Popsicle Stick Puzzles

We had a blast making these Craft/popsicle stick puzzles!  We were recently looking at puzzles in the store to buy for the kids and I was very surprised to see that many of the larger puzzles are over $20 a piece!  To me, that is crazy!  The kids and I started looking for ways to entertain and learn without breaking the bank.  With 3 kids; even the cheapest toys can become very expensive very quickly.  Besides, my kids think I’m a genius when I make anything for them LOL  This project needs to be done with very close supervision by an adult.

Gather your supplies:

  • 5×7  printed picture (We used Disney movie pictures we printed from the internet)
  • Popsicle/craft  sticks (we used the wide ones)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Tape (use either scotch or masking)
  • Exacto/craft knife
  • Cutting surface (we used cardboard)

puzzle supplies

Get to crafting:

  • Lay popsicle sticks side-by-side on top of the picture you want to make into a puzzle. We used 10 wide sticks for a standard 5×7 picture.
  • Use two straight edges to tap the sticks until they are lined up evenly and close (we used books).
  • Replace misshapen craft sticks so your puzzle will lay flat.
  • Carefully place tape across the lined-up popsicle sticks you are going to need to flip the sticks, so be generous with the tape 😀
  • Spray the back of the picture generously with spray adhesive (this step is for the adults).
  • Slowly lay your picture on top of the craft sticks and press flat with hands.

puzzle front

  • Allow to dry for at least one hour
  • Using a Exacto knife, cut between each stick. This is something for the adults.

puzzle cut

  • Separate each stick and shuffle them up!
  • Enjoy!  My kids had a BLAST with them

We placed ours in labeled ziplock bags for easy storage.


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