Learning the language of couponing can be quite like learning a second language! There are so many code words and abbreviations, it might just make your poor head spin. But don’t lose hope, or feel like couponing is not for you. Instead, take a few minutes to “learn the lingo” of couponing so you can make better shopping choices. Below, you will find out everything you need to know about how to decode couponing lingo.

Why learn couponing lingo? If you use the internet to find your shopping deals, many sites use abbreviations in their writing. If you aren’t familiar with them, you could misunderstand a deal. Misunderstanding a deal means a possible loss of savings for you or embarrassment at check out! Knowing these abbreviations will come in handy in many situations. So don’t be unprepared. Instead, become lingo savvy with the simple list below.

Everything has been decoded for you and filed in alphabetical order. So easy! So are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

List of the Most Used Coupon Lingo Terms:

AR=After Rebate
Generally refers to the price after the rebate is deducted

Blinkies=Blinkies  are small red dispensers that blink in order to attract shoppers.
They contain coupons and are usually located on store shelves in front of the promoted product. The coupons can be used in any store which accepts coupons.

BOGO, B1G1=Buy One Get One
Means if you buy one item, then you get one (usually the same item) for free

CATALINA or CAT=Coupons printed from a Catalina machine
These coupons printed separately from the grocery store receipt although they are printed on receipt-like paper and handed to the customer


CRT=Cash Register Tape
CRT is often used in rebate situation

DND=Do not Double
Refers to if a coupon can be doubled or not

EB/ECB=ExtraCare Bucks
Extra bucks you can use at CVS/pharmacy only.

ES, ESR=Easy Saver Rebate
Rewards program from Walgreens

Refers to the expiration date

FAR=Free After Rebate
Found on many rebate forms

GDA=Good Deal Alert
Used on many deal websites

HT OR HGT=Hang tags for refunds or coupons hanging on a product
Usually found on wine bottles

IVC=Walgreen’s Instant Value Coupon
Part of Wags Rewards

IP, IPQ=Internet Printable Coupon
Refers to coupons available to print from home

IVC=Instant Value Coupon
Walgreens Store coupon found in monthly Easy Saver Booklet

MFR=Manufacturer or Manufacturer’s Coupon
Coupons issued by the company directly

MIR=Mail in Rebate
Another popular rebating term

NED=No Expiration Date
Often found on coupons with no expiration

OOP=Out of Pocket
Refers to the money spent out of pocket after coupons

OYNO=On Your Next Order
Refers to savings that can be applied on your next shopping trip

A savings voucher than can be used on your next trip when the item is available again

RP=Red Plum
Sunday Supplement Coupons

SS=Smart Source Coupons
Insert found in the Sunday newspaper. Also may refer to Sunday Supplement coupons.

WYB=When You Buy
Refers to additional savings you can earn when you buy a certain product

Just remember: Coupon lingo does not need to be tricky or intimidating. Instead, learn these basic abbreviations and you will find once you get them down, finding and understanding deals will be so much easier.

If you want, you can even print this page out and add it to your coupon binder or folder. That way, you always have it on you as a sort of cheat sheet in all of your deal searching situations. Or, you can print a copy of it and hang it by your computer so that when you are looking for deals online, you can reference it for easy understanding.

Take the guess work out of couponing by first understanding these couponing lingo terms. You will be so glad you did and see how the savings add up once you are in “the know.” Plus, you can always be there to offer support to other newbie couponers as they break into the field of couponing.

RP, BOGO, OOS, WYB, and more don’t need to be a mystery anymore. Know you know everything there is to know about couponing lingo!

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