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Campfire Ice Cream

Campfire Ice Cream What can possibly be more fun than s’mores when you’re cooking out?  These Campfire Ice Cream cones can, that’s for sure!  I usually make these when we’re camping, but our camping trip was cut short this weekend due to thunderstorms, so we made these on the grill! They were just as much fun and as delicious! Here’s the super easy peasy, fun recipe for home or camping! Gather ingredients: Ice cream cones ~ sugar or waffle cones work best Milk chocolate chips Miniature marshmallows White chocolate chips


Nutella ~ Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry!

Nutella ~ Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry! We made this Nutella ~ Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry this week and they were delicious! This is a variation of several recipes I have found and played around with to find the perfect blend of Nutella, cream cheese, and sugar.  These were super easy peasy and my kids LOVE them.  My husband and I love them too LOL  These are great for brunch parties and holidays.  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did 😀 Gather your ingredients: 1 cup Nutella (or other