How To Build A Cheap Homeschool Curriculum

How To Build A Cheap Homeschool Curriculum.  If your budget is tight this year, and you are looking to begin your homeschooling journey we have some great tips on How To Build A CHEAP Homeschool Curriculum.  Not only can you potentially spend nothing at all, you will likely spend under $100 at most for the entire year using our methods.  This gives you more budget for fun field trips, art classes or outside activities with your children.

How To Build A CHeap Homeschool Curriculum


Make Use Of Free Online Printables.  You can do a simple Google search and find literally thousands of totally free homeschool printables.  Not only can you print free spelling lists, word searches, maps and color sheets – you may find complete unit studies or entire subject curriculum available to download and print for free at home.

Head To The Library.  We can’t say enough about going to the library and checking out books for free.  Not only will you have resources for current subjects, it is a great place to break up the monotony of your week.  Check their calendar to see if they also offer any free activities or classes for homeschoolers during the school year too!

Create Your Own Unit Studies.  One of the popular things about unit studies is that you can pick a subject, a book, a toy or even a movie and create a whole study system around it.  You can watch something like Star Wars and spend time learning about our solar system, outer space travel, past NASA Shuttle missions and even build your vocabulary and spelling lists from things like names of planets, planet systems, galaxy and space travel.

Borrow From Friends.  If you have friends who are also homeschoolers, there are a lot of books and even curriculum that can be borrowed and swapped out from year to year.  Before you buy, send out a post or message on social media asking your local friends if you can borrow what you need from them.

Go To Book Fairs, Yard Sales & Thrift Shops.  One of the best cheap ways to get books and even curriculum for your kids is by attending local book fairs, hitting yard sales featuring homeschool or kids books and my favorite thrift shops.  Goodwill is great for snagging gently used kids books.

Dollar Tree & Target Dollar Bins.  For younger grades, both of these stores are amazing resources for super cheap things like workbooks, review sheets, basic school supplies, flash cards and even inexpensive copies of classic novels to read together. Before spending a lot online or in an education resource store, hit your local dollar stores and dollar bins to see what is available. 

Ask Teacher Friends.  If you have friends who are teachers in a traditional school system, ask them for free resource tips.  If they are a good friend and supportive of your homeschool efforts, they will gladly share the tricks of the trade with you.  They may even be willing to share some of their own personal lesson plans in exchange for a small treat or something similar. 

Homeschooling does not have to be a budget breaker.  You can educate your children in all the necessary areas without spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars this year.  Simple learn how to build a cheap homeschool curriculum by thinking outside the box with our tips this year.


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