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Are you dreading back to school shopping because it’s inevitable that you’re going to spend way too much money?  Don’t let this be you!  School shopping can be pricey but if you follow these few short tips it will save you some money. You might read a few of these and think, “But the kids want them”, remember, you are the parent and it’s your money. Spend wisely and you will have money left in your pocket when you are done.

No Characters ~  Sounds tough to tell your kids no characters on their backpacks, folders and clothes but I promise they will be okay. Characters cost money. You can buy a plain shirt or a shirt with a generic design at some stores for about $5 maybe a little more, character shirts cost upwards of $15. You could have bought 3 shirts for the price of one, be wise.

Shop after Summer Sales ~  Summer sales are going to be happening soon and they will have short sleeve shirts, shorts and sun dresses on sale, stock up! Kids can wear short sleeves; shorts and dresses well into the fall so why not purchase them when they will be highly discounted? Take advantage of the sales.

STOCK UP! ~ This is the only time you will catch me telling you to stock up for the year.  Back to school prices will not be this low again until back to school time next year.  Stock up on things you know you’ll need to replenish at mid-year now.

Take inventory ~  Go through last year’s leftover supplies and see what you already have so you’re not buying more than you need.

Buy what’s on the list ~ Your child’s teachers give you a school supply list to tell you what they will need, buy what’s on it and nothing more. If it says by Elmer’s Glue buy Elmer’s Glue, don’t buy the purple kind because it looks cool {unless it’s cheaper of course}. If they tell you to buy number 2 pencils buy the yellow ones they still work just as good if not better than the pretty flowery number 2 pencils that your daughter wants.

Watch the Sales ~ Every store around will have great deals on school supplies, cheap crayons, colored pencils, paper, folders and more. Use the sales to your advantage! Check for coupons. Last year Rose Art released an awesome coupon that made glue sticks, colored pencils, markers and crayons super cheap and some even free, pay attention and take advantage of these deals, they will save you tons. Watch office stores for penny deals, “buy x amount and get x school supplies for a penny”.

Shop off Brand Clothes, unless it’s Shoes ~ Name brand clothing is overrated. I’m an adult and I can tell you that in school I was so caught up in Mudd,  Adidas, and others .  It really doesn’t matter. I shop Kohls these days and buy jeans from who knows that brand! Lol.  Shopping “off brand” will save you tons of money as I know some jeans can upwards of $45+ a pair. SAY WHAT? No thanks. =)

Why do I say “unless it’s shoes”? I’m a brand specific shoe person and I have to have my shoes. Kids do a lot of walking  whether they are in Kindergarten or in high school and they need a good pair of comfortable shoes that will last them a decent amount of time. You can find some great deals on name brand shoes online. =)

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