I am soooo excited to share some news with y’all that I have been witholding 😀  Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom’s family will be providing, preparing, and serving Christmas day dinner to The Welcome House Shelter ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!  I am so stinkin’ excited I can hardly stand it!  We have been praying for a Christmas project that is meaningful, impactful and something we can do as a family unit.  I honestly feel like I won the lottery when Gerri told me they didn’t have anyone to prepare dinner Christmas Day for the shelter!  We will be preparing for approximately 60 people.

Okay, here’s where I need your help 😀  You knew there was a catch LOL  My family will be providing all of the food for the shelter, but we will need some help to provide other things the shelter needs.  This shelter is unique in that they actually house homeless people and families.  This means that there will be children there for Christmas day!  I would love to be able to really decorate and give each child a gift for Christmas.  My family of 5 LOVES to give back, but we also have our home to keep going.  In order for us to provide everything the shelter and the families need for Christmas I need you to pitch in 😀  We need monetary donations.  We will also accept gift cards from just about  anywhere LOL  These families need everything; food, clothing, toiletries and their children NEED toys for Christmas LOL  Yes, toys for Christmas are a need 😀  If you can help, that would be such a huge blessing.  If you are unable to send money or gift cards, please keep these families in your prayers that they may be able to pull out of their situation.  Thank you all so much and I PROMISE to post LOTS of pictures for you all to see your contributions at work! No amount is too small!

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You may also send checks, money orders, or gift cards to the following address:
Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom
P.O. Box 15
Church Point LA 70525

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