8 Reasons You Should Watch Disney Channel’s Bad Hair Day With Your Family

*I received an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for the coverage of several press events for Disney and ABC. All opinions are 100% my own and we only recommend shows that are a great fit for our readers.


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One of the many events that I was able to be part of last week while I was in Los Angeles, among other things, was screening the Disney Channel movie Bad Hair Day.  Did I mention that I was sitting WITH Leigh-Allyn Baker while screening the movie?!  How amazing is that?  After we screened Bad Hair Day, we were able to ask Leigh-Allyn Baker a ton of questions about her life as a mom, executive producer, and actor.  You can read more in-depth here.  Bad Hair Day will premier tonight, Friday, February 13th at 8p, on Disney Channel!

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  1. It is a fun ride!  Bad Hair Day is a fun ride along a techie driveway to learning about yourself.  Monica (Laura Marano) is a high school senior who shows us how much fun high school can be when you just stop trying to be who everyone else wants you to be.
  2. Hello!?  Good Luck Charlie’s mom!  Leigh Allyn Baker starred in and was the executive producer of this fabulous Disney Channel movie.  If your family is anything like mine, you’ll notice the one theme that follows Leigh-Allyn over to this movie and that is that the entire family can enjoy it!  We all loved Good Luck Charlie and we’re all sure to love Bad Hair Day.
  3. It has a deeper message.  Beyond the crowd sourcing and social media bombardment that has taken over Monica’s life; she learns who she is.  She learns that what is inside her is more powerful than everything around her.
  4. It’s rated G!  YES!  This is a movie that your entire family can enjoy, yes even the boys and men, and it’s rated G.  Lets face it; it’s hard, these days, to even find cartoons that are rated G.  Finding a TV movie for the entire family is downright miraculous!
  5. Bad Hair Day is full of action!  There’s a jewel thief, car chase, foot chase, and even a melting prom dress.  What could be more fun than car chases, police, and melting prom dresses, right?
  6. Ally’s in the house!  Oh yes, Bad Hair Day stars Austin and Ally’s very own Laura Marano.  She is absolutely perfect as the tech savvy teen in this movie and you might even learn a bit about SEO (search engine optimization) by watching it.  Hey, I have to pay big bucks to learn that stuff!
  7. You might just learn a little bit about yourself.  In this super cyber social world we live in, it’s good to have a reminder to be true to ourselves.  Bad Hair Day addresses some real and serious issues facing our society today, but it does it in a very light-hearted way.  You will see that leaning on what others think, whether by a “like”, retweet, or emoticon, may not be the best measure of our value.
  8. It’s a chance to ‘date’ your family!  It’s no mistake that Bad Hair Day premiers the day before Valentine’s Day.  What better way to spend time with your family and ‘earn’ some time with your honey than laughing over the newest Disney Channel Movie?!  Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite drink and relax with everyone.  I’m certain you’ll be happy you did.

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Photo Credit: Disney Channel

Overall, Bad Hair Day was such a fun and meaningful movie.  It was full of girl power for the girls and cops and car chases for the boys.  It is sure to keep you laughing and thinking the entire time!  Be sure to tune into Disney Channel tonight, Friday, February 13th at 8p!




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