5 Ways To Let Your Teens Have Safe Healthy Fun On Halloween

5 Ways To Let Your Teens Have Safe Healthy Fun On Halloween.  Let’s face it, the world is not always kind to our teenagers.  Especially if they are big boys full of awkward hair on their faces.  So, how do you keep them safe and still allow them to share in the fun on Halloween?  I have a few tips!

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Crest toothpaste.  All opinions are 100% my own.

5 Ways To Let Your Teens Have Safe Healthy Fun On Halloween

Being a teen is not always easy.  This is an awkward stage where your kiddo may look and sound like an adult, but they still want to join in on the childlike fun they have always enjoyed.  I have good news; they can still do this!  You don’t have lock your teen up when it comes to spooky fun this year and I’m going to help you through it. It’s not just tough when it comes to safety, but it’s also a tough time to keep up with dental health.

With their growing bodies, it is important to keep an eye on the candy they consume.  Did you know that Seven in 10 parents enforce a stricter teeth brushing and flossing routine on Halloween, and 41% compensate for Halloween candy by serving a healthier dinner on the holiday itself or the next
night. Here are a few tips to help them through this time:

  1. Steer them in the direction of familiar families.  That’s right, your teen may need to forego that Halloween party at the new kid’s house on the other side of town and find fun a little closer to home with their known friends and parents.  Although it may be tough to come right out and say no, you can encourage them to hang around the neighborhood.
  2. Talk! Talk! Talk!  Explain the importance of staying with a group of friends if they are going to be trick or treating and not wandering off from the group.  Often times, teens feel like they can conquer the world and don’t see the danger of wandering off alone.  Give them guidance and explain the dangers that could be lurking around the corner if they stray from the group.
  3. Set up a party at your house!  This is my favorite!  As the mom of two teenagers and one pre-teen, I can tell you that the best way to keep an eye on them is to bring the fun home.  You don’t have to be their best friend (or even their friend) to provide a safe, comfortable environment for them and their friends to hang out and feel like they are not being stalked by their parents.  Buy some soda and order pizza.  Pizza is a teenager magnet!  You’ll have them all at your house in no-time and they will be none the wiser that it was your plan all along.
  4. Set out some healthy snacks.  Go ahead and order the pizza and even some wings, but also offer a few healthy choices.  So many times, our kids get sick of the junk food and go looking for a bottle of water and fresh fruit.  Have it set out and ready to eat between the sugary snacks.
  5. Last, but certainly not least; have them brush…brush…brush…and floss before going to bed.  Make sure they spend a little extra time on their teeth after eating all of the sugary snacks and encourage them not to eat any more candy after they brush.

5 Ways To Let Your Teens Have Safe Healthy Fun On Halloween

72.7% of mothers limit their children to a maximum of 10 pieces of candy on Halloween. Fathers set their child’s candy limit a bit higher, with over 60% setting limits between 11 – 31+.  Because it is important to get the candy out of the house; after Halloween is over, I like to send candy to school where they can share with the other kids.  Their friends will love it and it gets it out of our house much more quickly.  Once the candy is gone, I don’t have to worry about them making healthy choices at home anymore.

I hope this helps you have a great Halloween with your teen.  Have fun and be safe this year!





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