5 Reasons You Need to Visit The Baton Rouge Symphony #BRSO

5 Reasons You Need to Visit The Baton Rouge Symphony #BRSO

We were recently given the opportunity to visit the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra for their Home For The Holidays performance.  I can sum up our evening in three words:  “Oh…my…goodness!”  The entire experience was perfect.  We have never been to Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra nor have we been to the River Center during the holidays.  This experience was nothing short of magical.  From Santa Clause sitting at the entrance of the theater to the beautiful musical performance of the orchestra and chorus, the evening was perfect.  After we left the performance, we took a stroll around River Center, which had Christmas lights and live music that could be heard all over the center.  This trip would definitely even put the Grinch in the Christmas spirit!

5 Reasons You Need to Visit The Baton Rouge Symphony #BRSO

There are so many reasons to visit the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, but I summed it up to my favorite reasons below:

 1.  The music is beautiful – With over 60 instruments, the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra has some of the most beautiful music you will ever year.

2.  Live singing – Many people do not know this, but the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra also has a 60+ member chorus that performs many of the songs with them.

3.  The history of it all – The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra is the oldest professional orchestra in the state of Louisiana.

4.  They invest in the future – The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra reaches 7,000 youth each year through their outreach and education programs.

5.  There is something for everyone – The Home For The Holidays show that we attended is just one of the many performances that the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra has each year.  My kids already have their eye on Pixar in concert coming up in on April 23, 2016!  You can find out more about Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra and purchase tickets on their website.

5 Reasons You Need to Visit The Baton Rouge Symphony #BRSO

About Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra:

Founded in 1947, the Baton Rouge Symphony is the oldest arts organization in the region and the oldest professional orchestra in the state. Its programs include a Symphony League, a Symphony Chorus, and the Louisiana Youth Orchestras. The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra also reaches over 7,000 young people per year while conducting numerous education and outreach programs. In 1999, during the Baton Rouge Symphony’s 50th anniversary season, Dr. Timothy Muffitt was selected as Music Director and still currently holds the position. In 2007, the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra announced the appointment of David Torns, Music Director of the Louisiana Youth Orchestras, to the position of Assistant Conductor of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra. In 2011, Dr. David Shaler was appointed as Chorus Master of the Baton Rouge Symphony Chorus. The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra’s season consists of a nine-concert Masterworks series as well as a three-concert Chamber Series. The Chamber Series is sponsored by Carole and Charles Lamar. The Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation “Great Performers in Concert” series has brought world-class talent to Louisiana’s capital city for the past ten years. These one-night only concerts in collaboration with the orchestra have featured artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Renee Fleming, Chris Botti, Itzhak Perlman, and most recently, Natalie Cole.

The mission of the Baton Rouge Symphony is to develop and maintain a financially-sound, first-class symphony orchestra with a regional and national profile which will provide education and cultural enrichment for the people of the greater Baton Rouge region and neighboring communities. ~ BRSO.org

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  • I think it is so important to introduce kids to the Arts at an early age.

  • It sounds like an amazing experience, I am sure that your kids loved it, it will give them a love of music for the rest of their lives x

  • This sounds like a great show. It’s definitely a great idea to introduce the kids to Arts while they are young.

  • i bet the music was fabulous! i love the pictures by the tree you have such a beautiful family

  • we just attended a musical last night and again this morning . Two different ones but grand-daughter loved them both. I was very involved in the arts in school and want her to like them as well. This sounds like a wonderful event you all went to as well

  • I love the symphony here in town. So easy to get lost in the sound of the orchestra.

  • What a fun night! I haven’t been to our city’s in ages, and I really should! Lovely post!

  • Watching an orchestra play love is always amazing! Music is really good for the soul. Bringing the kids and exposing them to this part of our culture is definitely a must!

  • Sounds amazing and a lot of fun with the family. Thanks for sharing

  • I’m sure this was fun event, watching an orchestra is fun. I love this lovely post.

  • I didn’t get to do that when I was there in October, so I’ll make a point of it next time!

  • My daughter just started violin lessons and she has been so interested in going to events like these especially when theirs an orchestra or live band.

  • This sounds amazing – I have never seen an orchestra like this live in concert, I bet it is incredible. Kaz x

  • Sounds like a really great time. I’ve never been to Baton Rouge but if I ever am I will be sure to check it out. I think it would be wonderful.

  • I love the fact that you took the kids to see an Orchestra! I wish my parents had done the same with me!

  • I’d love to see a symphony orchestra. I think it sounds amazing.

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