For 2013, Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom and Mommy Coupon Swappers are going to help everyone tell their child’s teacher “Thank you” in 365 unique ways! Our children’s teachers help our children so much and it’s time that we tell them THANKS all year long! THANK YOU for helping my child make a Happy Mother’s Day card! THANK YOU for wiping their tears when I’m not there! THANK YOU for helping them make Christmas gifts for our family! THANK YOU for teaching them how to add and subtract! THANK YOU for being you! Teachers have a wonderful opportunity to help mold our children into wonderful adults; how about if we make their job a little more enjoyable! Won’t you join me in saying THANK YOU?

We will be rewarding 1 parent each month who sends in a photo of an idea taken from this post with a $50 gift card for them and a $50 gift card to give to their child’s teacher. These photos will be used in the participating blogs posts and on their social media outlets. Please send your photos to [email protected]

* * Be sure to come back every day and find out what new idea we have! * *

Day 1: Look your child’s teacher in the eyes and say “Thank you for everything!” I know it’s simple, but it does not take a huge project to let someone know they are appreciated 🙂

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