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Today, I challenge everyone to get involved with this family whose home was extensively damaged last night in a fire. Their most immediate needs are for shoes and clothing as most of that was lost in the fire.
The following are the sizes that are needed:
Stacia (shoes 7.5 – clothing small)
John (shoes 13/14 – clothing 34/34 & L/XL shirts) recreational as well as work style clothing.
Charlie (shoes 13/14 – clothing 30/34 & M shirts)
Zach (shoes 9 mens – clothing 28/30 & S shirts)
Madeline (shoes 7/7.5 – clothing small)
Rita (shoes 6.5/7 – clothing xs/s)
Margeaux (shoes 5/5.5 – clothing xs/s)
Gabby (shoes 5/5.5 – clothing 10/12)
Lauren (shoes youth 1 – 7/8)
Jacob (18 months) (Also need diapers size 3)
Everything can be dropped off at Westgate Chapel or mailed (2500 Wilford Dr. Toledo, OH 43623) next to the main office. Please contact the church before dropping off clothing to make sure there is still a need. Call the church office at 419-841-8077. You can speak with Pat at the main desk, Pastor Glenn or Abby Wozniak, Student Ministries Assistant.
As well… remember that they are largely starting over from scratch with clothing. Please try to make sure that the clothing is in new/good condition as we strive to bless the family. All clothing that is not needed will be donated to a local clothing closet.
Lastly, many people have asked if they can give gift cards. We will receive VISA gift cards for the family and make sure that they get them… however you can not receive a tax write off from the church due to IRS rules on charitable giving.
Please include a 365 Days of Kindness card inside so the person receiving it can pass it on – (YOU CAN PRINT THE CARDS BY CLICKING HERE). The purpose of printing the cards is that the recipient can then recycle it and pass the card on by doing another random act of kindness. My vision is that this will continue and continue until EVERYONE is involved in some capacity. Who’s in? I am praying that everyone gets involved in this. None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone, and when we do we serve Jesus. We can make an impact in our communities, one life at a time!!

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