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You can find an overview of each day HERE!
**This will start being our challenge every Friday. I want us to send a card to a stranger in every state. Each week, pick a different state and just keep track of it. Then weeks 51 and 52 we will send a CHRISTmas Card and a New Year Card.**

So today, I am challenging everyone to send a “thinking of you” or “encouraging” card to a complete stranger.  Now this is the fun part. . . How are we going to find that stranger?  Honestly, I am sooooooo excited I can’t hardly stand it:)

We are going to search the white pages by CLICKING HERE. . . Now when this screen pops up

Go to the “Find a Business” side and type in the city you currently live in and see what other states have your city in it, i.e. I did Toledo and it came up in 9 other states. . So pick one of those states, now go over to the “Find People” side and type in  your last name in the appropriate box – as seen above, and the city, and state you picked. . . Several people with the same last name or similar to yours will pop up. . . see below.

Pick one of those people on your list, click on the underlined name, and it will give you their address. Now send them a card, you can print FREE ones online HERE, or hand write a note to them stating you prayed for them, they were Day 11 of our 365 Days of Kindness, and then enclose one of the 365 Days of Kindness cards (you can print them HERE so they can pass it on!!  We had a great suggestion from one of our readers, Carla, who is putting a stamp in her card, so the kindness can continue:)    Also, it is totally up to you if you want to include your return address or not.  Whatever you feel God leading you to do, do it:)  I would ask you all to pray for who God would have you choose when doing this task.  I am most excited about this one so far because this is a total RANDOM act of kindness!!  Who’s in? I am praying that everyone gets involved in this. None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone, and when we do we serve Jesus. We can make an impact in our communities, one life at a time!!


 Thank you for allowing us to participate Saving and Sharing for Christ!

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