The Beautiful Jemulet Hamsa Bracelet ‪#‎jemulet‬
The Beautiful Jemulet Hamsa Bracelet ‪#‎jemulet‬

We were given the amazing opportunity to review the Jemulet Hamsa Bracelet. When I saw it; I automatically thought about my 15 year old daughter who LOVES little jewelry. Then I got to reading about what the Hamsa represents on Jemulet’s site. You can read it below.

About the Hamsa:

Jemulet is a team of passionate, dedicated craft jewelers based out of bustling New York City. We have been producing quality products on the cutting edge of the trend line since our founding in the beginning of 2013. We are proud to announce the launch of our signature piece – the hamsa bracelet.


The hamsa (or ‘khamsa’) is a traditional ward against the evil eye in many cultures. The name literally means “five” for the five digits, presented to fend off malicious spirits and evil intentions. It remains a resolute symbol of protection in a spectrum of cultures even to this day, though it predates much of the modern Judeo-Christian and Islamic established religious practice. Thorough integration of this symbol and ethos forms the mainstay of the Jemulet vision: we strive to make fashion accessories which are both beautiful and meaningful, jewelry which complements body and spirit.


After reading this, I set out to do my own research; afterall she really wanted this bracelet. Being devout Christians; I wanted to make sure we weren’t bringing anything ungodly into our home. Then I found this:


Historically a wide geographic area, included the Middle East, considered the Hamsa sacred hand symbol as the symbol of God’s hand in the earth. It helped to make them feel the existence of God in everything and in every new formation. The Hamsa amulet was seen as the symbol of holiness, healing and miracles, which would pull the forces of good to the bearer and protect them from unseen dangers, disease, and neutralize the negative energies of envy and the forces of evil. Retrieved from


WOOT! So when we received the Hamsa for Madeline, we gathered as a family and prayed a prayer of protection over it and over my daughter who would be wearing it. Now, not only is it a wonderful symbol of God’s protection to our daughter, but it is a beautiful piece of jewelry she can wear with anything! How amazing is that?!  She loves the Jemulet and wears it almost daily.  You can get your own Jemulet by visiting their site.


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