Funny!  This is actually a great article I came across about  Things You Should Never Buy at Goodwill
I’m not sure if the person who wrote this article
has ever been in a Goodwill. What do you think?
I’ve actually bought some of this stuff before. I guess it depends on
the purpose for which you are buying it! Read the full article here 🙂

  • VERY good article!!! There are very few things that can be salvaged at place like this!

  • i don’t get why you shouldn’t buy silverware. its just like using some at a restaurant but if you buy it yourself and wash it well yourself you actually know its clean unlike when you dine out.

  • Totally disagree with this article. Obviously the person writing this article does not need to shop at Goodwill.

  • I agree with Heather….obviously this person doesn’t eat out! Flatware can be washed/sterilized. I think they just couldn’t find a tenth item and stuck that in! LOL

  • I buy TV’s for my kids rooms from Goodwill. I bought a 35 in with a great picture that was manufactured in 2005 for only $20. I think I got a good deal 🙂

  • @ Laurel…Have you ever actually been in a Goodwill ? You might be surprised.

  • Underwear, OK, I understand but SILVERWEAR???? The author needs to visit more Goodwills…

  • I beleive this article came from somebody that has had everything givin to them n never once had to use anything that has been used before. I totally disagree with everything she said the only one she had on there that i wouldnt buy is underware but if the underware where still in the package i would buy them.

  • The person who wrote this article is an Extreme Germaphobe. The only thing on that list that I wouldn’t buy is the makeup. Everything else can be cleaned and sanitized. Apparently, she is not adventurous either. 😉

  • I agree with Debby. The person who wrote this article is a complete germaphobe. Some of the items she said she would never buy are items that are completely okay to buy if they are cleaned/sanitized. I wouldn’t buy underwear. However, a bathing suit with the tags still on them, yes. A television for my dd, since those old clunkers last FOREVER… probably… a blender probably not, I already have one.

  • I agree about the underwear, make up and possibly shoes. But everything else with a good washing and disinfecting should be fine. However, that’s not to say that in desperate times I won’t buy used underwear or shoes. We don’t know the reasons why people buy them. It could be that all they can afford are $.25 underwear.

  • most of this is just silly. ok, I wouldn’t buy used makeup and most likely not underwear but all this stuff can be cleaned! My children probably wouldn’t have toys if I didn’t buy them from garage sales and thrift stores. I soak and clean the plastic ones thoroughly and most stuffed animals can be washed in a pillowcase in the washing machine.

  • I buy from there and use common sense like everyone should. A little over the top but some valid points.

  • At the Goodwill stores where we live some of the things (Underwear, bathing suits, shoes, make up etc.) come from last years retail stores stock, things they couldn’t sell. Not everything is trashed or broken, alot of the things are just out grown. They should ask to see what the blender at that bar making your drinks looks like, AND they should really look at that fork they’re putting into their mouths at that “fancy” restaurant and ask themselves how many strangers mouths has that been in. They shouldn’t slam on an organization that does so much good for so many people…. grow the heck up…

  • I agree with Brenda, use your judgement when buying it, yeah i wouldn’t buy these most of those things USED from goodwill but ALOT of it gets donated from major retail stores that don’t mark down below a certain percentage.. instead, they just donate it to goodwill and take a tax deduction.

  • Totally disagree with this article! Each buyer should make their own decision on items. Brand new underwear or swimsuits still with tags? You betcha I’m gonna snag them! We have Clorox for a reason! And why not silverware? Hot soapy water will kill most anything!

  • Dumbest article I have EVER read. If I need anything the first place I look is a thrift shop. Although I personally wouldn’t buy underwear or makeup second-hand, virtually everything else in this “never to buy” list is ridiculous, and it makes much more sense to buy it used than new. That is what disinfectant is for. And like others before me, I immediately thought of restaurants when it came to “used silverware.” It must be nice to have money to throw away, not to mention total disregard for Mother Earth.
    Oh, and by the way-about 10 years ago, I picked up head lice from trying on hats in a VERY nice retail store, in a VERY nice little town. Don’t think you are the first person to try on something brand new in a store – including bathing suits.

  • I totally disagree with the person that wrote this article. Most items can be cleaned and/or disinfected. I shop there all the time and I don’t get ‘ grossed out’!

  • I am disabled and my hubby lost his job two years ago, and is still unable to find work! I shop alot at the Goodwill and other like stores, and yard sales in the summer. Most time if it can not be washed in the washer or dish washer, I will steam clean them. It is a great way to save money!!!!

  • id have to say.. silverware… has he never ate at a place without plastic forks?

  • I have bought some of the items on the list, and yes, some people try to appear “right” by donating, but they are donating their trash that they know should be in the bag and not at the store. I believe that some people just get rid of it if they no longer use it, and want it to go to someone who will. Not everyone who donates to Goodwill is filthy and germ-infested. I got my daughter a whole wardrobe one time at Goodwill, ALL name brand and most with tags on, for a fraction of the cost, and they weren’t old or dirty! To each his own I guess 🙂

  • i totally disagree !!,, i love the goodwill !!,,go at least once a week !!

  • Maybe their Goodwill is just nasty? I’ve been to a lot of Goodwill’s and some of them just seem icky.

    Our’s is pretty sweet and tends to have a lot of new stuff! What’s wrong with buying new things at discounted prices? NOTHING!

    I’m willing to buy nearly all of those things at yard sales, so what’s the difference? Around here, the Goodwill is just a place for people to drop off everything they didn’t sell during their garage/yard sales. 😉

  • I buy just about everything at Goodwill. I love the fact that I am helping someone, while I get good prices. i am also helping the environment by giving gently used things a second life. I also love to save old pieces of furniture. I bought a wonderful round table for my kitchen with three chairs for 25.00. I buy many of my clothes from Goodwill. But it’s ok with me if someone thinks Goodwill is nasty. I will just have more of a selection. 🙂

  • The person who wrote this article….must have went to a dirty Goodwill….you have to use your discretion and common sense….used make-up ewww toys etc can all be cleaned. And the shoe thing I’ve gotten some nice shoes from Goodwill…..IDK what she is talking about….

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