Cold war annotated bibliography

The entire war was all about the different views of the communist. Many of the books listed incorporate a wide range of primary sources including, memoirs, diary entries, newspaper accounts, and official documents. The Cold War was a series of events that occurred from 1945-1989. 2. Mueller, Tom. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Accessed Sept 12, 2014) It is based off the physical Cold War Museum, which is in Virginia. This text is a book written on Eisenhower and the Cold War, and I have looked specifically at the chapter titled “Eisenhower and the Middle East”. The bibliography contains 2,205 briefly annotated entries arranged in sections on the official view of the war, causes and conflicts, histories from the points of view of the different branches of the military involved, military operations, special topics ranging from women in the military to propaganda and psychological warfare, responses to the war, and analyses.. View Annotated Bibliography Hist 121 Samford.docx from HISTORY HIST 121 at Santa Ana College. It is a cold war annotated bibliography website about the learning of history. The Cold War was a war that never resorted to actual fighting. (1994). Smithsonian Institution. Select a publisher in the cold war annotated bibliography box below, or browse down the page Annotated Bibliography David Stanley and Joe Connor April 1, 2013 Revision #6 New sources are **. A provocative study of the entrance of the atomic bomb onto the global stage. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States General biographies. Identifying resources for your annotated bibliography & final paper.Eyes off the Prize: The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights, 1944-1955. It questions the various influences impacting the United States. Each citation is followed by a brief (100-200 word) paragraph—the annotation—consisting of a summary of the content of that source real annotated bibliography samples and/or the author's thoughts on the accuracy, quality, and relevance of that source. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Annotated Bibliography Process Paper During the Cold War, both the US and Russia made great leaps in building up their arsenals with not only new technologies, but also with weapons of mass destruction During the Cold War, the Soviet Union’s nuclear threats were very public. 14 Oct. military intervention in all circumstances. diplomatic history with over 16,000 entries covering reference works, primary materials, historiography, biographical, thematic and geographical studies, and much more. However, racial discrimination associated with whom you, for which allows subjects come. It gives a reader different perspectives on the chosen topic and identifies areas for further research Annotated bibliography example mla 7th. - apa 6th ed annotated bibliography format


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