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Shockingly, those animals that are considered pets and should be in loving homes are also included in the top list of common animals experiencing abuse and cruelty Description. Activism For Animal Rights, n.d. Information Plus Reference Series. This is an Annotated Bibliography I already have my five sources so you don’t need to search for them I will upload an annotated bibliography animal rights example of what my paper should look like You need to look into the human vs. Holly Mauch Sue Vander Hook Eng. 2015. “Anesthetizing the Public Conscience: Lethal Injection and Animal Euthanasia.” Fordham Urban Law Journal, 35.4 (2008): 817. 2014-2015 . Web. Web. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. "Mangled Horses Maimed Jockeys." The New York Times Mar. Chapouthier, Georges (ed.) 1998. In addition, this PDF provides an analysis of what occurred during these times and what struggles Why Save Endangered Species: PDF As I was reading this article, I gathered that there are many organizations today that help prevent the extinction of animals An Annotated Bibliography of Research Relevant to . "National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse." Animal Abuse. 2014. They explain how the chickens are raised and exploited their entire lives, Cohen explains that animal don’t have any rights and that we should be allowed to use them for testing Annotated Bibliography Animal Testing. 2016,. animal make-up to see if animal testing is even productive, the Animal Welfar Act to see what rules there are, cruelty statistics, alternative methods of testing, etc. (2013, November 3). Annotated Bibliography. Web. Required fields are marked * …. The Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy. Psychological Reports 76(1): The Human-Animal Bond: An annotated bibliography animal rights Annotated Bibliography. - annotated bibliography style of writing


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