Keep Your Family Safe And Secure With Circle with Disney

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Keep Your Family Safe And Secure With Disney Circle

Do you have tween/teens?  I do!  I have three to be exact.  I am always looking for creative ways to limit their screen time and cut down on data usage.  We have many rules when it comes to electronics, but it’s always a challenge to keep on top of them with such busy schedules.  They have sleepovers; both at our house and at their friends’ houses.  It is such an impossible task to trust your kids with so much information at their fingertips while still trying to keep the bad stuff out.  We have a weekly conversation that goes something like this “Don’t you trust me, Mom?”  “Yes, I do trust you, it’s everyone else I don’t trust….”  I know you are probably also all too familiar with this conversation.  If you are, then I have discovered something that just might make your life a little less complicated!

Keep Your Family Safe And Secure With Disney Circle

Circle with Disney helps us filter content, manage screen time, and stay informed with what our kids do online. In less than five minutes, Circle with Disney paired wirelessly with our router and now it manages every device in our home — including smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming systems— PLUS it provides a single view of the family’s online experience all from an app.  I love that I can take a peek at what my kids have been doing just by tapping my phone!  I’m pretty sure they’re not real fond of it, but they really haven’t said much.  It’s so easy and does not intrude on their “personal space”.  They never even know I’m checking.

Keep Your Family Safe And Secure With Disney Circle

Once I got all of the kids’ devices added to Circle, I let them know the rules and times I would turn their WiFi off and on.  As usual, my girls were 100% on board and my son was all “Mooooooommmmmmmmm!”  Now that we’ve had it working for a couple of weeks, everything is running super smoothly.  I cannot believe we didn’t do this sooner.  I was in Los Angeles this last weekend for three days and was able to still turn their data and WiFi off and on remotely from my phone!  This is amazing!

Keep Your Family Safe And Secure With Disney Circle

What I love most about Circle with Disney is that I can filter out certain sites during certain hours of the day or night.  My kids love Youtube and I love them being able to enjoy their favorite Youtube-ers during the day, but I love that I can filter out Youtube after 8:00 p.m.   With Circle with Disney, I can also pause all of the internet and data on our network at any time.  Just last week, I wanted a family meeting with the kids about our trip that was coming up.  What better way to get them all in the living room, than to pause all of their connections, right?!?  This works like magic! I am not dreading school starting back because of electronics now.  I can set limits for their connections during school nights, on weekends, during sports practice!  I am in love with Circle with Disney!

Circle with Disney also gives you the ability to look at where everyone is spending or wasting the most time.  You can look back as far as last month to see what sites your family is spending the most time on.  This is great for cutting down on wasting time or to determine if one site is becoming a problem.  Circle Go also gives you the ability to manage all of the settings your kids’ devices have at home and extends them to 4G LTE and any other Wi-Fi network they join.  This makes it possible to still keep a handle on their screen time, even when they’re away from home or if you’re away from home!  So, what are you waiting for?  Circle with Disney is a must-have if you have tweens/teens who are connected to the internet!  Head on over to Best Buy now and check it out.


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