Stop Leaks Before They Happen With New Poise Impressa® #TryImpressa

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Did you know that Poise has a new product that can help you stop leaks before they happen?!  Oh yes, new Poise Impressa® does just that! I am the 41 year old mother of 3.  Giving birth to 3 children and being 41 years old both come with their unique challenges.  To top it off, my youngest two children play every sport they can.  Since they are both elementary age, this means they are in recreational sports and guess who, gets nominated to coach?  You guessed it….THIS MOM!  Although I absolutely love coaching children’s sports, it doesn’t come without it’s own challenges and one thing I don’t want to be thinking about while talking to a group of 9 year old girls on the sideline of a basketball court, is bladder leakage!  I also don’t want to be worried about if people in the stands can tell I’m wearing a pad from WAY OVER THERE!  This is why I was too excited to find out about the new Poise Impressa® bladder supports.  Not only do they stop the leaks before they start; there is no longer a need for pads!  This is a huge relief to an active mom like me 😀  But, don’t take my word for it, try them out yourself.  You can easily find the sizing kits at your local Walmart near all of the other feminine products.

About Poise Impressa sizing kit:

The Poise Impressa Incontinence Bladder Supports Sizing Kit is specially designed for the temporary management of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women. They are a revolutionary non-absorbent, removable product that helps to stop bladder leaks before they happen, offering performance that you can rely on. If you leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze or dance, an Impressa bladder support can offer protection that you need. Safe, effective and easy to use, it is available in three different sizes to adapt to your unique internal shape. The first step is to use the Poise Impressa sizing kit, created to help you quickly find your most effective and comfortable internal fit, which includes size 1, size 2 or size 3.  Find out more at!

  • Ugh, thankfully I don;t have those issues, but so happy there is something for people who do.

  • These look so better than pads. I bet more comfy too.

  • i’m glad that they created a product like this to help those who have issues with leaking. i have a feeling that day will be in the near future for me

  • Thank you Lord I dont have any leakyness anywhere and Thus shall it stay. I am also thankful that those that do have a solution, with the Impressa products,

  • Great options for those who need them. Thank you for sharing.

  • Definitely a worthwhile purchase for those who leak

  • This is really great. It’s nice to have a product that supports women, especially when it comes to things like bladder leakage.

  • This is a really interesting concept and a great alternative to other bladder leakage products on the market.

  • It is a wonderful thing that there are worry free options these days. Poise has definitely improved over the years.

  • I haven’t lost control of the bladder yet. One of the few things I still hae control over.

  • This is absolutely a great products. I will recommend this to my sister

  • It’s great to know that there are products like this that support women with LBL. I will show this to my mom.

  • Love that there is a product to help prevent LBL. Definitely need this for certain activities 🙂

  • I’m glad they created this kind of product. I will share this to my friend’s daughter.

  • It’s nice that there’s something to help prevent the leakage from even happening. this is great!

  • Will keep this in mind for when or if that day comes.

  • This is a great product! Personally I don’t have that problem but I think its fantastic that these are arround

  • I will recommend the bladder supports to my mom. And, will give you the feedback soon. Thanks. MAy be of help to my mom.

  • Thanks for sharing the information about this product! I don’t have the problem but it’s great to know that science is creating solutions

  • This is very helpful to us women.
    I hope I wont need it any time soon, but I am glad to know there is support.

  • That’s interesting. I know since giving birth to my son my bladder hasn’t been the same. I usually wear liners though. Will have to check these out!

  • The stigma is about to be gone. Woohoo for it too!

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