How does your garden grow? Tell us for a chance to win a Craftsman tiller
Win A Craftsman Tiller  valued at $749! How amazing would that be?
craftsman tiller
You MUST be a Shop Your Way Rewards member in order to enter to win.
It is easy peasy to sign up.


for a FREE Shop Your Way Rewards account and make ME your personal shopper.
Then look under the “SWEEPS” tab on your home page!
There are TONS of fun sweepstakes happening RIGHT NOW!

  • I made you my personal shopper but I do not see a “SWEEPS” tab on my home page…where is this located?

    • Hi Suzanne 🙂 See if this picture helps. It’s kind of small. If you can’t see it; let me know and I’ll try and enlarge it for you. Just click on the link ===>

      • Thanks! Finally found it, I didn’t realize it was on the Sears page, I was looking all over my Facebook page…lol

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