OH YEAH!  Brad’s Deals is giving away a Kindle Fire to 3 lucky winners!  I have a Kindle Fire and love it!  It seems like there is NOTHING I can’t do on it! All you have to do is SIGN UP HERE and click on the Kindle Fire giveaway button at the TOP of  their page!  What are you waiting for?  GO! GO! GO! LOL


  • Good luck eveyone!

  • Good luck to all!

  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!

  • good luck

  • Hoping to win for daughter at school , children smashed her tablet , and nobody will fess up. Arg

  • Trying to win for daughter, for school.

  • Children grow up so fast now and stop the good habits they developed back in grammar school. My sons act like YouTube .com is a learning site and it is really like putting a bandage on a brain injury- something you just use in an emergency. When they leave the nest for new jobs and schools in other locales this is the emergency kit your family really needs-

  • Hope that I win … for my kids … thanks (:

  • wow never owned one but all my friends have one ,lucky them but if I do win I would happy cause I would sitting with my freinds and saying I have one too.

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