Easter Basket Cake


Easter Basket Cake I pride myself on sharing only the easiest recipes and DIY projects on my site.  I believe that as long as it is homemade, with love, you can’t go wrong in the eyes of your kids (or husband).  This is a super cute Easter basket cake that I found and decided to try for myself.  It was easy to make and WAY cheaper than buying one at the store.


Week 7 of Nutrisystem ♥

nutrisystem logo

I am now in week 7 of Nutrisystem.  I am still holding strong and LOVE the food.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that there really is a GREAT variety of frozen and shelf stable food on this program.  I have a few faves, but there haven’t been many that I didn’t enjoy.  One thing that I have to remind myself of is to put in my power fuels, which are proteins.  I have been boiling eggs and eating yogurt to help in this area.  One thing I have grown


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