January Stock Up

christmas clearance

Oh yes!  January is a great time to start stocking up.  There are amazing after-Christmas sales happening RIGHT NOW!  With everyone making New Year’s Resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more,  stop smoking, make a budget, etc. this is the perfect time to grab up those items at huge discounts!  Don’t forget that winter is also a great time for certain fresh fruits and veggies to be “in season”, so you will see great prices on those too (as long as you know what you’re looking for).  Below is a great list of items worth stocking up on for the new year.  This is a great time to get “back on track”!

* * Right now is the time to stock up on incandescent light bulbs as they are no longer being made!  Once they are gone; they are gone!

Fruits and veggies in season

Citrus fruits
Sweet potatoes

New Year’s Resolution products

Diet Foods
Health shakes
Cereal bars
Exercise Equipment
Smoking Cessation Products (Nicoderm)

Super Bowl items

Snacks(Pre-Super Bowl Sales at the End of January)

Cold and Flu Season

Cough/Cold medicine
Cough drops
Hand Sanitizer


Plastic storage bins
File cabinets

After Christmas Clearance

Gift wrapping supplies
Stocking Stuffers (these make great stock up birthday gifts)
New Year’s clearance is also great right now!

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