$25 Bath & Body Gift Card Flash Giveaway! *ENDED*

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  1. Barbara Calder says:

    What a great prize.

  2. Linda White says:

    shower gels!

  3. Rebecca L says:

    Don’t think that I have ever tried any of their products, but I am anxious to.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. Sarah C says:

    I am in love with the Tropical spice candles, but they are clearing them out. I wear the vanilla perfume, hubby loves the men’s line, and the metha body wash is to die for!

  5. I love there summer lotions. Hope to win

  6. LOTION, i am addicted to most ofthem!!

  7. michelle says:

    I love the lotions.

  8. Merrill says:

    I like the shower gels and candles

  9. Erin Mitchell says:

    Lotions and hand sanitizers

  10. Chasity Boatman says:

    I like their cucumber melon lotion

  11. i love the body scrub from bath and body but my favorite fragrance is moonlight path

  12. Great giveaway for great products!

  13. leanna o says:

    Pink chiffon lotions. Omgoodness those r by far my fav bbw product :)

  14. Jennifer Hagan says:

    I love the moonlight path line!

  15. Charlotte Mathews says:

    My daughter would love this.

  16. I love the lotions and bath gels!

  17. Patricia Hyson Collins says:

    I love the Hand Soaps and the lotions

  18. desiree steele says:

    I love the jasmine vanilla line

  19. Melissa Bird says:

    Any and Everything vanilla!

  20. Patty A says:

    The real questions is, what aren’t my favorite products from B&B? I love them all!

  21. Shower gels!

  22. vicki hale says:

    i like their vanilla bath soap

  23. cathy kubacak says:

    Would love to win!

  24. I love the shower gels! Strawberry Lemonade is a favorite :)

  25. love the vanilla bubble bath

  26. brooke huntley says:

    my favorite product is your hand antibacterial soap, and the cute covers love them

  27. Christina S says:

    body lotions !

  28. Ashley Applebee says:

    I love the hot chocolate all in one stuff :) I dont know if they still make it!!
    Ashley A

  29. everything

  30. amy mccool says:

    body wash

  31. Nedra L. says:

    I like the wall flowers!

  32. Billie Hester says:

    I Love their Shower Gels

  33. Autumn Greene says:

    I love all the scents there but my all time fav is the Lavender Sleep lotion. I can’t go to bed without it!

  34. staci noel says:

    I love their fall candles and shower gels

  35. Cindy Drennan vonHentschel says:

    My favorites to buy are their lotions, but I love their Holiday stuff. Halloween and Christmas esp :)

  36. tracie gaouette says:

    would be an awesome gift for my daughter who will be sweet 16 very soon!

  37. I love everything at Bath and Body Works

  38. Love the fact they brought pack cucumber melon

  39. I love all B&BW stuff!!!

  40. Lori Behr says:

    I like fresh cut leaves and wild honey suckle & flowering herbs all in shower gels I love their shower gels!!

  41. PocketBacs!!! I have dozens!! So handy!!

  42. Grace Campbell says:

    Bath and Body Works antibacterial hand soaps are my FAVORITES. I use them in the shower as shower gels, and I use them for more things that are such good ideas I don’t want to give them away! Thanks.

  43. Tiffany Greene says:

    I love everything Bath & Body Works has!! I usually buy shower gels and lotions! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  44. Laura Turner says:

    I love their Shea Butter products!

  45. Anything in Sweet Pea! Love Love LOOOOVE!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I love all of their body sprays, All of them, I currently own like 10 of them. I need more xD

  47. lotion and body sprays!!

  48. Phyllis says:

    Nice prize, love bath and body work!!

  49. Phyllis says:

    good luck everyone!!

  50. Nellie M. says:

    I love bath and body works. When I was working I’d spend $200 a month. Miss those days. Now, its treat to get a travel sized one. Great giveaway!

  51. Hand soaps

  52. Nellie M. says:

    My favorite item to buy is their lotions!

  53. Charlotte Cessac says:

    body lotions, candles, air fresheners.

  54. Julie Hoag says:

    I love the Wall flower Scents…Been using them for years..Always get a comment on how great my house smells

  55. I love the hand soaps.

  56. I love the car gels and any of the citrus body washes.
    Thanks for hosting these giveaways.

  57. clarenes pajarito says:

    Lotions! Love the fragrances and it lasted for hours ;)

  58. Body Sprays. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  59. Oo thanks

  60. Olivia Arnold says:

    I really like their soaps!

  61. C Maxwell says:

    How fun!

  62. I love the coconut lime scented products.

  63. I love Sweet PEA!

  64. the body shea butter.. :)

  65. Amy McHargue says:

    I love their Black Amethyst perfume and body butter – and I’m almost out of the perfume spray!

  66. I NEED to win!

  67. C Maxwell says:

    I thought this would be a neat treat for my sister who loves this place. I think she likes cucumber melon.

  68. Melissa Simon says:

    I love the soft and yummy smelling body wash. Thank you for the contest! :)

  69. We love the mini hand sanitizers.

  70. LetoshaRadcliff says:

    I love smellin’ good! :)

  71. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    antibacterial hand soaps

  72. dovie briseno says:


  73. lisa ehren says:


  74. I love their lotions!!!!!!

  75. Casey Sebastian says:

    Tahiti sweetie lotion!

  76. Jenny S says:

    Hand sanitizers and small lotions!

  77. Jessica dodge says:

    I love the lotions my favorite so far is the signature coconut…coconut passion fruit …i love bath and body works!

  78. Kourtney Kvenbo says:

    Face cream

  79. kelsey house says:

    A couple years back i bought this AMAZING cherry blossum bath oil that was AWESOME!! of course, they dont make it anymore tho :( lol

  80. I love all the lotions.

  81. rhonda romero says:

    i love the kitchen lemon hand soap

  82. elizabeth richardson-dominguez says:

    body lotions

  83. Suzanne Deleon says:

    I love anything in the Japanese Cherry Blossom line! But, I also love the many scents in the hand sanitizers! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  84. I love their spa products and body sprays!

  85. Jennifer Kinney says:

    Would love to win! Good luck everyone!

  86. jessica hager says:

    I love their body spray!

  87. awesome contest

  88. donnaJean baker says:

    I love there cucumber melon lotion but haven’t been able to go in a while sad the economy is so bad!

  89. Michelle says:

    I love them all!

  90. Heidi S. says:

    I love the foaming hand soaps.

  91. Good giveaway

  92. Armando Garza says:

    I love to buy my wife the PINK lotion. It’s her favorite!

  93. Love Bath&Body Works!!

  94. Kristyl says:

    I love their lotions!

  95. Amber Carmichael says:

    I love to buy lotions and hand soaps

  96. Megan randles says:

    I have a list for BBB but right now I want to try that orgeenic sauté pan

  97. amanda rollinger says:


  98. Allyson Hunter says:

    I love the body wash and the body sprays. Especially like the Japanese Cherry Blossom and the Warm Vanilla Sugar scents.

  99. Deb Ramirez says:

    My favorite scents are original Honeysuckle and Night Blooming Jasmin. The only problem is that they are discontinued. :(

  100. connie hanson says:

    love lavender sleep lotion

  101. Dezraei says:

    I love their Cashmere lotion vanilla!

  102. my favorite product is the body butter! Especially the japanese cherryblossom one :)

  103. connie hanson says:

    love them all but especially lavender sleep lotion

  104. Stacey Powell says:

    Love all the products!
    Mostly the pump antibacterial soaps!
    The antibacterial vanilla hand creams!
    All the lip glosses! <3

  105. gloria habel says:

    I love any thing from B&B. But antibacterial soaps are the best.

  106. vicki carter says:

    Like most everything,but really love the Winter Cranberry hand soap.

  107. Ashley Burrer says:

    I love the candles and wall flowers!

  108. Linda Faith says:

    I love all their products! They are wonderful!

  109. sofia ogilvie says:

    I love the Shea butter products.

  110. Thanks for the chance :)

  111. I like to buy the apple scented foam soaps from Bath&Body Works. They smell so fresh and so clean, clean :)

  112. Holly Smith says:

    I love the body scrubs

  113. Kimberly Lambert says:

    I buy their body washes for my girls and I.

  114. Sue McClease says:

    I love to buy their hand soaps and lotions!

  115. Fiona Rhodes says:

    Thank you for being awesome and offering a great prize.
    I need new small pocket bacs and purse sized hand lotion and maybe some good smelling soap for the new apartment bathroom:)

  116. Robin Bouza says:

    The body sprays & lotions.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  117. Julie Fornaro says:

    Shower gels

  118. enchanted shower gel

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